Maryalice and John spent a great deal of time planning
the Packages
for their guests at Rosemary's Legacy.
All include a two night stay (usually check-in on Friday afternoon or early evening
and check-out at 11am on Sunday - but this is very flexible.
All packages also include a gourmet breakfast each morning and a very special
dining experience at the end of your full day with us.  
Cooking is what we do (
Table for Two).

You are renting the ENTIRE HOUSE for yourself.

These packages need advance preparation.  Please give us at least
5 days notice.

A 12% room tax will be added to the room portion of the stay, and an
8% state tax to the non-lodging portion of the package.

Appropriate gratuities are your responsibility.   

A Riesling to Relax
May 1 – 31, 2010

We are celebrating May, “Riesling Month” in Finger Lakes Wine Country, at
the area’s most relaxing B&B and vacation rental home.   Your true “home
away from home” is located a short walk from the famed Che-qua-ga Falls
and just minutes from all of the Watkins Glen area attractions and wineries.

-        Check-in to Rosemary’s Legacy and find a bottle of Seneca Lake Riesling
paired with local cheese in your weekend kitchen.
-        Use your Riesling Passport, supplied by Rosemary’s Legacy in partnership
Finger Lakes Wine Country, to visit the many Seneca Lake wineries.
-        Return to Rosemary’s Legacy to a five course gourmet dinner prepared by
the in-house Legacy chef and staff.  The dinner will feature appetizers, entrees and
desserts using both sweet and dry Seneca Lake Rieslings.
-        Late morning breakfast and check-out.

Rates:  One night, one couple:    $225.00
       One night, two couples:  $350.00
       Two nights, one couple:  $350.00
       Two nights, two couples: $475.00

Distill This

One of the great new “stops” in the Finger Lakes Region is Finger Lakes
Distilling located on the east side of Seneca Lake, just a few miles outside of
Watkins Glen.  It is the region's only stand-alone distillery and focuses
exclusively on distilled spirits. As a New York State Farm Distillery, they
turn to local farmers for the raw material for their products.  Rosemary’s
Legacy has developed their Distill This Package to feature the great new
spirits from this local distillery.

-        check-in to Rosemary’s Legacy and relax by the fire (winter months) or by
the pool (summer months) with a shot glass of Maplejack Liqueur and local
cheddar cheese.
Maplejack Liqueur starts out as an apple brandy made from New York apples.  It is aged in a
bourbon barrel and sweetened with local maple syrup.  When you open a bottle, aromas of
carameland mulled cider greet you.  Look for vanilla and cinnamon on the palate, with a finish of
ripe, red apples. *
-        Drive to Finger Lakes Distilling (about a 12 minute trip along beautiful Seneca
Lake) and receive a private tour of the Distillery, free tasting and a free bottle of
Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey.  Glen Thunder is a fine-tuned, true American corn
whiskey, made to honor one of the world's greatest raceways, Watkins Glen
Glen Thunder is a fine-tuned American corn whiskey, made to honor one of the world's greatest raceways
Watkins Glen Internatinal.  The mellow corn flavors gives it the feel of a smooth ride , but don't be fooled,
because it' still got plenty of horsepower.  The aroma of this whiskey is reminscent of pulling back the husk
from an ear of sweet summer corn.  On the palate, it's crisp , yet smooth, with toasty carmelized notes and
a meaty finish - think cornbread with bacon!
-        Return to Rosemary’s Legacy to a Finger Lakes Distilling themed
-        Breakfast in the morning

Current Menu Selections:


Vintner’s Vodka Shrimp Cocktail – large shrimp marinated in Vintner’s Vodka, orange
and lemon juices, onion, a touch of hot pepper sauce and cilantro.  Served in a hollowed
sweet pepper.
Vintner's Vodka has a smooth, neutral taste - just what you would expect  from a typical vodka.   What
sets Vintner's Vodka apart, however, is that it retains a bit of grape character.It's made using a process
that combine the practices of the winemaker (the vintner) and the master distiller.  In our custom-built
copper still, we distill a blend of local grapes (including those from our own vineyard).It is fruity and floral,
with notes of orange blossom, cantaloupe, vanilla and lychee.  On the palate, it is smooth and silky, with a
medium body and a persistent, spicy finish.

Glen Thunder Spinach Salad Flambe – tossed baby spinach, hard boiled eggs, and freshly
cooked bacon topped with a flaming dressing of Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey, malt vinegar, lemon juice
and Worcestershire sauce.

Seneca Drums Tossed Salad – fresh tomatoes, black olives, sliced onions, and finely shredded
lettuce topped with a dressing of Seneca Drums Gin, virgin olive oil, castor sugar and black pepper.
Seneca Drums Gin, like the phenomenon for which it is named,  is an expressive, yet harmonious, London-
style dry gin, distilled from our own local grape spirit and a signature blend of 11 botanicals.  The end result
is a gin that is sure to resonate with both new  gin drinkers and traditionalists.    Seneca Drums Gin is zippy
and fresh,  with notes of citrus peel, juniper, cucumber, clove and light anise.

Cassis Lemon Sorbet – lemon ice in a stemmed glass topped with Cassis Liqueur is the perfect
palate cleanser.
Cassis Liqueur is made in a traditional manner -   by soaking local black currants in our own grape-neutral
spirit, then sweetening to taste.  This robust brandy has notes of cranberries, blackberries and raspberries.
It's juicy on the palate, striking a perfect balance between tart and sweet, with a finish that lingers.

New York Steak with McKenzie Whiskey Mustard – the king of steaks topped with a
special flaming sauce using shallots, whole-grain mustard and McKenzie Rye Whiskey.   (May substitute
the strip steak with a filet.)
McKenzie Rye Whiskey is made from NYS grain and distilled using old-time techniques. We age in new
charred quarter casks and finish in sherry barrels from local wineries.  The sherry balances the spiciness    
of the rye and also gives a nod to the wine region where this whiskey is produced.  Notes of orange peel,
cardamom, mint and butterscotch.   Exceptionally smooth for a young whiskey.

Seneca Drum Grilled Salmon – fresh Pacific Coho Salmon marinated overnight in Seneca
Drums Gin, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, and pepperoncini peppers.

Juniper Pork with Blueberry Liqueur and Lemon Sauce – thinly sliced pork tenderloin
rubbed with crushed juniper berries and garlic, then pan fried until lightly browned.  Topped with a sauce of
blueberries, Blueberry Liqueur, and fresh lemon juice.

Blueberry Liqueur is the perfect combination of our own distilled spirts and delicious blueberries grown
right here in the Finger Lakes.      

Raspberry Trifle – In a tall stemmed glass,  fresh sponge cake is soaked with Raspberry Liqueur,
then topped with fresh raspberries and real whipped cream, then one more layer of each.
The Raspberry Liqueur is a fusion of our own distilled grape brandy and Mom's favorite, raspberries. We
use a combination of local black and red raspberries, some from our own farm overlooking Seneca Lake.   

Chocolate Chocolate Crepe with Cherry Liqueur - a chocolate crepe with a rich
chocolate mousse filling served with small glass of Finger Lakes Distilling’s new Cherry Liqueur.
Cherry Liqueur is made by soaking fresh, local cherries in our grape neutral spirit.  It remains very true to
the flavor of the fruit, with a natural sweetness that is balanced by the tart characteristic of sour cherry.

*        The descriptions of the various spirits from Finger Lakes Distilling
come from their web page:

Rates:  One night, one couple - $299
Two couples - $425
Ask about additional nights.

Additional Services:
Couples Massage - add $150 (plus gratuity)
Private Music Concert by John Manfredi
John's performances are highlighted by his virtuoso-level guitar playing, intimate and friendly stage
presentation, and soulful vocal interpretations.  He is a versatile musician who can engage a diverse
audience as he sings and plays guitar.  His innovative style is a convergence of blues, jazz, and rock
including many originals from his latest CD and covers from Eric Clapton, Sting, George Benson,
B.B. King, Earl LKlugh, Steely Dan, Lee Ritenour, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Harry Connick Jr., &
James Taylor.

Ladies' Night(s) Out
(click above to see a recent Lady's Night Out gathering)
This is Maryalice’s favorite.  Gather the girls and get away for a weekend of great food, great wine, and
more!  We can happily create for you a customized weekend, be it a bachelorette weekend, or just a
relaxing weekend away from it all (as in kids and hubbies).  After your day at the wineries (we will provide
a tour guide for you), or a 3 hour sail on Seneca Lake with Captain Terry Stewart, or shopping (Maryalice
will map out all the great places to shop, including several great antique stops, return to the Legacy and
relax, swim (in season), and be prepared to be wow-ed with a fabulous, sumptuous, gourmet dinner.  Call
us to tailor your package to your personal tastes.  
  • 2 nights stay at Rosemary’s Legacy, with the whole house to yourselves
  • Full gourmet breakfast each morning
  • Wine and cheese party upon your arrival
  • Massage at the Legacy for each lady, or other spa services, as available
  • Second day wine, sail, or shopping tour (your choice)
  • Gourmet dinner prepared at the Legacy
  • $1195 (plus tax) based on occupancy of 4
($999 for just shopping - no wine, no sail)
That is less than $300 per lady for 2 nights away, wine & cheese, a 30 minute
massage, wine tour or sailing or shopping, 2 fabulous breakfasts, one
incredible dinner, no charge for the laughs.

Ladies' Night Out II (Rub & Grub)
Gather the girls and get away for an evening of total pampering.  Massages and other spa services,
followed by a memorable dining experience.
After check-in, sample Finger Lakes wines and cheeses, and our staff masseuse will begin your
total relaxation period.  Other spa services are available.  Late breakfast and checkout.

  • 1 night stay at Rosemary’s Legacy, with the whole house to yourselves
  • Wine and Cheese Party upon arrival.
  • Full gourmet breakfast
  • Massage at the Legacy for each lady, or other spa services, as available which may include
    manicure, or pedicure services, or paraffin hand treatments.
  • Gourmet dinner prepared at the Legacy
  • $895 (plus tax) based on occupancy of 4
That is less than $225 per lady.

Gretna Green Getaway (Elope in Style)
  • 2 night stay at Rosemary’s Legacy, with the whole house to yourselves
  • Full gourmet breakfast each morning
  • Married by the Hon. Donald Spaccio in front of the famed Chequaga Falls (or at the Legacy)
  • 2 witnesses for your ceremony (that would be us)
  • Chilled champagne in your room
  • 12 long stem Roses (colors of your choice, as available)
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Wedding Cake
  • Gourmet Dinner for 2 prepared and served at Rosemary’s Legacy
  • $779 (That’s right, the entire marriage and honeymoon for less than $400 apiece…)

In days gone by, Gretna Green, Scotland, was the first town over the Scots border from
England, where many an under-aged or unapproved marriage took place, much to the
consternation of disapproving parents or guardians.

Sail Seneca
Sail the Lee Sea Anne I, a 38 foot Cabo Rico Pilot House sailing vessel, captained by
Terry Stewart, a USCG licensed captain.  
  • 2 night stay at Rosemary's Legacy, with the whole house to yourselves.
  • Full gourmet breakfast each morning.
  • A three hour sail on beautiful lake.  The trip includes one Seneca Sales T-Shirt, a complimentary beverage at
    the Village Marina and Bar, and a photo of your sale.
  • Return to the Legacy, freshen-up and be treated to a candle-lit gourmet dinner
  • $680 for two, $1095 for four.

Fish and Dish
Mark Moskal has spent most of his life in the outdoors, studying wildlife, back-packing,
camping fishing, hunting, rafting and traveling throughout New York State and the country.  
He is a NYS Licensed guide and the perfect leader for our next two excursions.
  • 2 night stay at Rosemary's Legacy, with the whole house to yourselves.
  • Full gourmet breakfast each morning.
  • (The FISH) A five hour fly fishing trip on Seneca Lake for Salmon, Pike, and Rainbow, Lake, & Brown Trout.
Mark Moskal has fished Seneca Lake for over 30 years.  What do you think your chances are of catching
some fish?
  • (The DISH) Return to the Legacy, freshen-up and be treated to a candle-lit gourmet dinner
  • $680 for two, $995 for four.

Paddle the Marsh
  • 2 night stay at Rosemary's Legacy, with the whole house to yourselves.
  • Full gourmet breakfast each morning.
  • Mark Moskal will pick you up at the Legacy for your kayak tour of the Queen Catherine Marsh,
where wildlife abounds.  Bring your cameras.
  • After Paddling the Marsh, return to the Legacy for a full body massage to relax those muscles.
  • Freshen-up and enjoy an incredible gourmet experience.
  • $680 for two, $995 for four.