Kelly, Laura, Becca, Jackie, Kerri and Meghan,
six friends from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington, DC met at
Rosemary's Legacy in early April for a 4 Day, 3 Night LADIES' NIGHT OUT.
The girl's enjoyed a "relaxology"  session, a one hour massage, a wine tour,
breakfast each morning, two dinners, and a lot of laughs.
They were greeted with a
bottle of Seneca Lake
and local cheeses,
which they made very short
work of....
The Girl's relaxed in
The Legacy's
living room before
going on a tour
of the area.
They gathered in the kitchen, in
special chairs, for a 90 minute
"relaxology session."
Wine Tour
On Day Two, the ladies went on
a seven hour (plus)
Seneca Lake wine tour.
The "spoils" of the the
day sit on the Legacy porch.
Legacy co-owner, Maryalice Pulos,
laughs with the girls at the number
of cases they purchased.
The wine tour was
followed by an
hors d'oeuvre dinner
in The Legacy's kitchen.
(A day on the "wine trail"
has a strange effect
on one's eyes....)
On Day 3, the ladies relaxed  
with Advil in their pj's.  
They all had a
one hour massage
Day 3 concluded with a
5 Course Gourmet dinner served
in The Legacy's dinning room by
owners John and Maryalice, who
also own "Table for Two" catering.
Kelly - Jackie - Meghan - Kerri - Becca - Laura