Our friend, CBS news correspondent,
Bill Whitaker, recently toured some
Seneca Lake wineries.  Bill has lived in
California since the early 1990's and is
very familiar with the Napa Valley area.
He reported to us that he was amazed at
the high quality of wines now being
produced in New York, and compared
the east side of Seneca Lake to the
Napa Valley region.

Maryalice and I are wine drinkers, but
not necessarily wine connoisseurs. We
have spent many hours touring the
Seneca Lake Wine Trail over the past
years with many of our visiting friends.  
We may  not be able to pick out a prize
winning merlot, but we can direct you to
the wineries who provide the best tasting
experiences.    (Some of our very
favorite stops are shown here.)  We
would be happy to map out a wine
tasting afternoon for you take.
If you (we) are still standing after the Wine Tour,
then we may have time to stop at the local dairy farm.
 The Hoffman Family operates
Sunset View Creamery
which is located on the family's extensive dairy farm.
The tour of the actual working farm is educating
and the cheese making and cheese store
are satisfying.  
Just a day with the Hoffman's is worth
a "Tour" of its own.